Andrew de Kock

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Andrew de Kock


There’s more to automating underwriting than rules engines and smarter application questions!


3-4 key objectives

 In this session we will be looking at what’s changing in life insurance underwriting and what that means for underwriters

  • What’s changing beyond automating existing processes?
  • What possibilities do new technologies unlock?
  • How will this affect me as an underwriter?

Andrew has worked in the insurance industry for over 30 years and has been involved in technology in insurance most of that time. Following an initial period in line new business and underwriting functions, in the mid-90’s he joined a small team working on underwriting rules engines. Today that would have been labelled InsurTech!

Since then he has had operational and business development responsibilities which have included Africa, Asia, Europe, North America/Caribbean and the UK. In 2006 he assumed global responsibility for Swiss Re’s underwriting automation product based in London. There, Andrew was instrumental in authoring and implementing a new strategic product direction which recognised and exploited the value of detailed underwriting data across the policy life-cycle.

Since establishing 4Thawt Consulting in 2013, he has executed projects including rules authoring teams’ (re)establishing and training; designing and implementing new channels and system enhancements; advice on data utilisation and system selection/RFP design.

Andrew is now also driving the establishment of The Digital Insurer’s African footprint and speaking on the role of technology in the transforming the insurance industry. He firmly believes digital insurance is a necessity to unlocking the untapped insurance markets across the continent, through which uninsured communities can benefit from relevant and meaningful financial protection.

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