Colin Kearney


Colin Kearney


The Customer Journey

A voyage to the near future of our customers journey from application to end of contract and beyond.

This journey will provide an insight into how we as an industry through not only the use of technology but also through seeing the customers point of view can come to bring solutions for a better experience.

Not just at the underwriting stage but also throughout the policy duration and at claim time. All with an aim to improve the health and well being of our Customers and their beneficiaries.


Colin is ultimately responsible for the provision of underwriting and claims services to clients, a very important part of the value proposition for SCOR Global Life (SGL). This includes the shaping of underwriting and claims philosophy and ensuring the availability of a high quality underwriting manual (SOLEM) and the provision of claims services.

Underwriting and Claims services form a very important part of our value proposition to clients and ultimately are at the core of our clients business – accepting risk and paying claims. In this role, Colin brings collaboration and coordination to the provision of all of our Underwriting and Claims offering worldwide.

Colin is also responsible for the direct supervision, management and motivation of the underwriting staffs globally in order to provide an accurate and timely appraisal of all facultative reinsurance cases as well as implement country-specific underwriting practices. Colin also works directly with clients throughout the deal process to foster strong relationships, develop innovative solutions that meet clients’ needs and achieve results within risk management objectives.

He directs the development and revision of SCOR s risk selection guidelines and other underwriting programs & processes, including the development, implementation and documentation of consistent underwriting practices, controls and procedures.

Colin’s rules roles included Chief Underwriter SCOR Canada, Support and Development manager in SCOR Paris and Chief Underwriter Europe of Transamerica Reinsurance. Colin has over 25 years of experience working in the Reinsurance and Insurance Industry which includes exposure to numerous International markets and presentations at numerous Underwriting events and Seminars. He is a founder member of the French Underwriters Association and holds an MBA from the Open University Business School in Milton Keynes and numerous Insurance certificates including a Diploma in Underwriting from the Chartered Institute of Insurance.

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